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Made for the very lovely plaidcas
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pet shaming, Supernatural style

reblogging because the last one made me smile

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Ian Nelson vs. Tyler Hoechlin as Derek Hale

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 Lets go take a howl at that moon

dean is a demon now so to counteract the sad feelings, i drew him as a human. a sad and broken human. im so sad

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Hair flap adap dap while Dean don’t give a crap.

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Avengers Deleted Scene

#i wish they kept this #she looks like she’s giving up #and then she looks at clint fighting #figthing for new york #FIGHTING TO SAVE LIVES #AND SHE JUST GETS BACK UP#BECAUSE #THAT’S WHAT THEY DO #THEY GET BACK UP #IF YOU DON’T THINK HEROES AREN’T INSPIRING #GET OUT OF MY FACE #sobs (via im-not-their-hero)

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